Unlocking Hope
Linzi Baxter

A few months ago, Zoey jumped at a new job offer with an outsized salary. Now she’s jumping from one abandoned house to another, subsisting on stale granola bars, hiding a thumb drive with enough information to bring down a crime boss—or get her killed.

When a stranger comes through the door of her latest hideout, she shoots first and runs without bothering to ask questions later. She can’t trust anyone, no matter how badly she wants to beg six sexy feet of muscle and piercing blue eyes for help.

Cole knew his latest flip would come with unpleasant surprises. Being shot at wasn’t one of them. His ex-SEAL instincts save his skin, and tell him this wildcat is no typical squatter. She needs help, and his gut unexpectedly twists to bring down whoever put the pure fear in her steel-gray eyes.

Even if it means straining frayed family ties to the limit…and laying everything on the line to save her life. Right down to his heart.