Sheltering Emma
Aspen Drake

As a driver for one of the hottest food delivery services in San Antonio, Emma is constantly getting hit on. Usually, she ignores the advances of her customers. But when she unknowingly shares an elevator with a wealthy and generous detective, she can't ignore his interest. Especially after the ridiculous tip he gives her.

Hunter never planned to move back to San Antonio. But after his parents' tragic deaths, he feels an obligation to stay in town to settle their substantial estate. The offer to head up a special task force for the SAPD wasn't expected, but it fills a need in him to help others so he gladly takes the job. When an undercover FBI agent, Cruz Livingston, brings a possible lead to his team for followup, Hunter dives right into his work. He expects to help dozens of women who have gone missing in San Antonio over recent months.

He just never expects that the one woman he's falling for might become one of them.