Joining Forces for Jesse
Kirsten Lynn

​After years of war as a Marine Corps Raider, Dirk Tanner has found peace. He and his fellow Marines have a thriving business, and after going through hell he and the woman he adores walked through the flames stronger than ever. His fiancée, Jessie’s inn just needs a kick start. He calls on Special Operations friends, Hunter "Cookie" Knox and Beckett "Coach" Ralston, to bring their families and spend their leave time in the beauty of Montana.

Jessie Brynn is alive after she believed her soul died two years ago on a mountain in Montana. She’s engaged to a man who knows how to keep her fire burning, and she’s accepted her calling as a smokejumper. With her first guests arriving, life is right on track. 

Somewhere in the wilderness an enemy seeks revenge. They don’t just want to see Jessie dead…they want to watch her burn.

As a firestorm rips through the mountains, MARSOC, SEALs, and Delta Force will have to join forces for Jessie.