Gambling For Ashleigh
EM Hayes
In this game of poker, you’re either all in. Or you lose everything.

After breaking up with her long-time boyfriend, Ashleigh Chapman moves to San Antonio to start over. That means doing everything she’s always wanted to try, including going to the Windy Wood Casino to learn how to gamble.

What she doesn’t expect to do is witness a murder.

Ex-police officer Callum Young wasn’t looking for romance when a pretty blond sits next to him at the casino. And he certainly wasn’t expecting her to get under his skin in a way that no other woman has since his wife died. But when she needs his protection, he pulls out all the stops to save the only person he’s cared about in four years.

With a dangerous loan shark after them and an undeniable attraction growing between them, the stakes are higher than ever. And if Callum doesn’t play his hand right, Ashleigh will be the one paying the ultimate price.