Fighting for Jemma
MJ Nightingale

High school science teacher Jemma Haner is ready for love, but she doesn’t do firefighters. Period. Never. No way. But Angel is everything she is looking for. Tall, dark, handsome and kind. As a veterinarian he shares her love of animals, nature, and the outdoors. She’d been burned in the past and had lost too much already to risk her heart to a firefighter.

Angel, “Short Shit” to his friends with the Tarpley Volunteer Fire department, can rescue cats and kids out of trees without a ladder. He works hard and loves harder, but when he meets Jemma he thinks only of making her his. Only problem--she won’t date firefighters. Can he get her to change her mind and give love a chance? Can he win her heart?

And when the storm of the century hits Tarpley, Texas, can Angel save Jemma from the dangers that come at her from all sides, and still do the job he loves? Find out in Book 4 of Badge of Honor: Tarpley VFD, part of Susan Stoker’s Badge of Honor series.