Fighting for Calliope
Haven Rose

Their hearts aren’t the only thing in danger…

Will Calliope break through Tank’s defenses?

I hurt those I love, so I’ve closed myself off to all possibilities of finding it. That sounds dramatic, but my dad would be alive if it wasn’t for me. My mom didn’t get her HEA, so why should I? Twenty years later, dreams of that night still haunt me and let me know something bad is coming. With my history and position as a volunteer firefighter, I’m surrounded by tragedy. Then fate brings me Calliope, and I realize there’s still good in the world. But instead of fighting my fears, I might have to conquer nature to keep my soulmate.

Can Tank protect Calliope from herself?

After seeing the good my parents did while traveling the world as teachers, my dream was to do the same, but from a home base – something I never really had. However, I’ve learned adventure has its own appeal, and now, I chase storms. My family worries about the danger I’m in, yet they don’t know the secret I’m keeping. It’s not my job that may kill me. When I meet Tank, a man that makes me rethink everything I thought I knew about myself. Perhaps home isn’t a place after all.

Suddenly, forever isn’t long enough…