Angela Rush

Elise Sommers has lived a very sheltered life. She was raised in the lap of luxury as her family had money. She developed Leukemia when she was a teenager. The doctors prepared her parents for the inevitable. However, Elise managed to beat the odds not once, but twice. However, despite her recovery, her parents were never able to let go of their fear of losing their daughter. They kept her close to them at all times. Elise had never even dated due to their constant interference in her life. Now at the age of 27, Elise decides it’s past time to venture out on her own. She joins the Red Cross to provide aide to the refugees fleeing Syria as the conflict between ISIS and the US worsens. Her parents object, but they can’t stop her. She is an adult after all.

Warren “Deadeye” Vickers is 42 years old. He had a hard start to life. When he became a Marine Special Ops soldier, Deadeye knew he had a higher chance of dying in combat than the average soldier. He never wanted a child to go through the rough up bringing he had endured. He became determined he would never settle down and risk having a child that could end up in the same situation he grew up in. He dedicated himself to his work and being a professional. When his closest friend, Hawk moved up to the headquarters division of their special ops team, Deadeye was moved to be the leader of the team in the field. He took his job very seriously.

When Elise is taken from the refugee camp, her family’s influence and money talk to get her the best Special Ops team the country has to offer. Deadeye’s team is called in to bring her home. From the moment he sees her picture during the briefing for the mission, Deadeye feels a connection to the beautiful young woman and a need to care and protect her. She was supposed to be a target, a mission, but when he takes her in his arms she becomes so much more. He knows she is his Destiny.

Can Warren bring Elise home? And if so, will he be able to let her go when they are back on American soil? Only time will tell if the couple can over come the obstacles that stand in their way of happiness.