Blood Moon
Rose Smith

Murder of a blue blood under a blood moon--not just another day in paradise.

Sexy ex SEAL Michael “Gage” Sheldon, a newly appointed lead detective for the Hilo Police Department is single and popular with the ladies. So when he meets stunning forensic odontologist, Nalani Yung, who’s assigned to the murder he’s investigating, he assumes he can easily sweep her off her feet with his natural charms. He’s taken aback, however, when she doesn’t seem the least bit interested. Nalani only has eyes for Ionale, her high school crush. A man she’s been in love with for forever. It’s been her and her dog, Shredder for a little over a year. She has high hopes sexy Ionale will become part of her family.

Meanwhile, when Caroline, Matthew “Wolf” Steel’s wife, runs into Nalani, her world is once again rocked by painful memories she’s suppressed for years. That’s when Caroline’s nightmares return. She hasn’t had them this bad since she helped Wolf and his team avert a deadly bio-attack on the plane where she first met him. Having dealt with his own PTSD, Wolf vows to help his wife confront her pain.

Nalani Yung has a living nightmare of her own she must battle. Her abusive aunt teases her about being different and made Nalani’s life as a child difficult. Nalani’s not sure, but she thinks her aunt may be abusing her young brother, Mickey.

Filled with action throughout, follow Gage, Nalani, Wolf and Caroline as they uncover a riveting murder mystery while battling their own personal demons in beautiful Hilo, Hawaii. If only paradise was more than a promise.